About Us



The Dubuque Dragon Boat Association (DDBA) was formed by a group of paddling enthusiasts in 1988 and incorporated in 1992 and reorganized in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of paddle sports and dragon boating in the tri-states. In our twenty-eight year history we have provided the opportunity for thousands of people from all over the world the chance to enjoy the paddling sports on the Mississippi River in Dubuque.

Our Motto

Our motto, in conjunction with the American Dragon Boat Association, is “Friendship through Paddling”. Our purpose is to encourage the building of friendships around the world through the common interest, excitement, and healthy exercise associated with paddle sports especially dragon boat competition.

The vision of the DDBA is “to enhance the attractiveness of our community by providing unique opportunities for recreation and sport impacting the health of all residents.” As we look to achieve this vision, we have established several goals. They are (1) to ensure the future of the sport of dragon boating, (2) grow the sport of dragon boating, (3) promote cultural exchanges, and (4) promote healthy life styles. purple

The dragon boat festival provides the Dubuque Dragon Boat Association an opportunity to bring to Dubuque visitors from all over the world. Through dragon boating the DDBA promotes cultural exchanges between foreign and local teams and the education of the public on the Asian culture associated with the dragon boat festival. A goal of this festival is to give our guests a chance to learn about Dubuque and give the people of Dubuque a chance to be exposed to a diverse group of people and cultures.

aboutWe hope to educate the public on our riverfront, its beauty and its potential for development for recreation. The dragon boat festival held each year at Miller Riverview Park has been instrumental in focusing attention on the park. The festival also gives us an opportunity to educate and encourage the public to use the river for fitness activities. We do this throughout the year by offering the opportunity to experience the healthy, environmentally friendly, fitness activities of paddling and rowing. Dragon boating has encouraged many individuals to get themselves fit for their team’s racing experiences.

Dubuque Dragon Boat Board Members

Jean McCallum, Co-President

Erin Henneberry, Co-President

Lori Boughton, Member

Kelsey Bradberry, Member

Earl Brimeyer, Member

Jeff Cole, Member

Lizz Curoe, Member

Rick Fishnick, Member

John Miller, Member

Sue Miller, Member

Steve Neyens, Member

Craig Reber, Member

Kathy Stierman, Member

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