Spirit Award

The Carolyn Donahue Spirit Award  

The Carolyn Donahue Spirit Award  


The Spirit Award is the highest and most significant award that is given to the team that spirit-awardshows the most spirit on and off the water. The Spirit Award has special significance because it celebrates the memory, spirit, and life of Carolyn Donohue. In 1996, the Dubuque Dragon Boat Association dedicated the Spirit Award in memory of Carolyn, as she was the embodiment of our motto, “Friendship through Paddling.” She had the enthusiasm, the smile, the determination. She had the spirit.

2019 Breast of Friends

2018 Charlie’s DragonCats

2017 TNTs (Try Not To Suck)

2016 Mississippi Tailbiters

2015 Breast of Friends

2014 Breast of Friends

2013 Girl Scouts

2012 Breast of Friends

2011 North Lambton Super Stokers

2010 Girl Scouts

2009 Hempstead Swimmers

2008 Breast of Friends

2007 Dubuque Hempstead Swimmers (women)

2006 Dubuque Hempstead Swimmers (women)

2005 Breast Buddies (Cananda)

2004 Dubuque Hempstead Swimmers (women)

2003 Breast Buddies (Cananda)

2002 Dragon Style (Dubuque)

2001 Dragon Style (Dubuque)

2000 Mississippi Tail Biters (Rite Hite)

1999 Raging Dragons (Cananda)

1998 Wuppertal (Germany)

1997 Nute on Fire (Dubuque)

1996 BA Hurricanes (Great Britain)

The Jackson O’Connell Spirit Award 

jocspiritThis spirit award is given to the junior team that shows amazing spirit on and off the water.   This award celebrates the memory, spirit, and life of Jackson O’Connell. Jackson loved everything about the water: from dragon boating, fishing, and wake boarding to swimming. The Dubuque Dragon Boat Association dedicates this award in memory of Jackson. Jackson was small in size but big in spirit and energy. He had a positive influence on everyone he came into contact with. Jackson made a big impact.

2019 Southwestern 11th Grade

2018 Isaac and His Ladies, Southwestern 12th

2017 Isaac-N-His Ladies, Southwestern 11th

2016 Isaac-N-His Ladies, Southwestern 10th

2015 Southwestern, WI Junior/Senior High School

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